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Sightseeing in Crete

Explore the best places on the island

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Knossos Palace

Visit the Palace of Knossos - this ancient palace is one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete and is said to have been the home of King Minos and the Minotaur.
Located in Heraklion.


Visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum - this museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient Crete, including the famous Phaistos Disc.
Museum is situated in the city center so don't lose the opportunity to explore the beautiful and authentic capital of Crete.

Explore the Samaria Gorge

This impressive gorge in the White Mountains of western Crete is one of the longest in Europe, offering a challenging hike through stunning scenery.


Explore the Old Town of Chania - wander through the narrow streets and alleys of this historic town, and visit the Venetian harbor and lighthouse.

Arkadi Monastery

Visit the Arkadi Monastery - this historic monastery has played an important role in Cretan history and is known for its beautiful architecture and religious significance.


Visit the CretAquarium - located near Heraklion, this modern aquarium is home to over 2,000 sea creatures and offers an immersive educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Top 5 things to do in Crete to get an unforgettable vacation

Relax on the beaches - Crete has many beautiful beaches, including Elafonisi, Falassarna, Balos, Malia and Vai, which are famous for their crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery.

Go wine tasting - Crete is home to several excellent wineries, many of which offer tours and tastings for visitors.

Go scuba diving or snorkeling - Crete offers excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities, with clear waters and a wealth of underwater life, including colorful fish, octopuses, and sea turtles.

Try traditional Cretan cuisine - Crete is known for its delicious cuisine, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and local cheeses and wines.

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